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Most factories in Western Victoria have our floor coating protecting their assets. Learn more about our epoxy and non-slip floor coatings here.

A thorough floor coating process.

Chemblast undertakes a significant degree of preparation prior to coating your floor.

We have a range of equipment available including Diamond Grinders with dust collection, Electric Jackhammers and a range of handtools to ensure a quality, tidy finish.

Our grinders are some of the best machines on the market and we have a complete set of stones for both wet & dry grinding. We are applicators of the SlabArmor flooring system.

Above: Custom decorative and non-slip epoxy floors for various applications

Floor coating throughout Western Victoria

Our floor coating services have improved the safety, durability, appearance and operations of business and industrial properties across all of Victoria. Here's how:

  • Increased impact resistance

  • Reduced bacterial growth

  • Increased longevity

  • Slip resistance/increased safety

  • Quicker and easier to clean

  • Modernising appearance of existing floors

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