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For the painting of equipment, buildings and infrastructure of any size, get in touch with our team.

Industrial Painting Services

We have experience carrying out highly specific and unique projects for a wide variety of applications.

A prolific project of ours was repainting the surface panels of Parkes Radio Telescope in NSW. This is one of the largest single-dish telescopes in the southern hemisphere, also featured in 2000 Australian comedy-drama film "The Dish".

This highly-specialised painting contract involved painting panels within a thickness tolerance of 25 microns per panel.


  • Project completed on time and on budget.

  • Additional contract awarded 1 year later for the complete repainting of 7 additional telescopes at Paul Wild Observatory in Culgora, NSW

  • Paul Wild Observatory project completed on time and on budget again.

Additional Information:

  • We supply our paint services to most factories within our district.

  • Once we gain a client, we work with them for a long time.

Zinc & Epoxy Coatings

Once a job has been blasted clean then comes the next stage, Protection.

We can supply and apply all types of Epoxys and Wet Zinc Coatings. Our trained spray painters are qualified to apply paint to the manufacturer's specifications and film thickness.

Quality Finish Guaranteed

Paint is measured wet by a calibrated thickness gauge and a wet film measurement is taken, which then determines the dry film thickness measured in microns. The paint is measured dry with a digital electronic gauge.

A typical accepted paint measurement would read as Zinc 50-75um, Primer 75um. Topcoat 50um total film thickness 175um -200um.

Common Misconceptions Debunked

You will often hear painter’s saying "I sprayed on ten coats of clear!!" Ok sounds great, but at what thickness is a coat?

Typically this means they may not be using the required amount of paint that the manufacturer requires for their product to work effectively, therefore your job will begin rusting prematurely and will require repainting.

At Chemblast, you can be assured that your job will be completed with the attention to detail that will maximise your project or products life.

As Warrnambool's only full-time line marking service, we have line marked...

  • Car parks

  • Storage and fork lift management

  • Stores and retail chains

  • Motels

  • Hotels

We do powder coating, too!

We powder coat items of any size and shape, with all work from prep to coating done under one roof, concealed from the elements. Learn more about our powder coating services below.

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